As a multidisciplinary team we offer the best advice on legal architecture and engineering. We have a long experience in conducting and reporting advice, and rigorously conducted.
    Among our partners highlights the work as a professor of Structural Design in the UPC, as well as teaching in the Course of Expert Reports on Construction of the Business University Foundation of the Jaume I University of Castelló of Jorge Urbano, as well as Eduard Suñén rapporteur on several current policy issues to the fore in Col.legi d'Architects de Catalunya and the IDEC of the Pompeu Fabra University. Both, with Mayte Lloret, belong to the Association of Architects and forensic experts of COAC.
    We expert at both of the pathologies of construction as in urbanism and the expropriation. We carry out valuations for all purposes, framed in the existing legislation as appropriate.
    We offer the following services:
    - Expert witness in civil matters arising from contracts
    or obligations

    - Valuation of buildings or works in progress

    - Expert witness in the commercial and consumer rights

    - Valuations in real properties and property rights
    (Easements, nuisance, census, swaps, etc)

    - Opinions relating to building
    (LOE, CTE, Habitability, Accesibility, Facilities, Noise, Power)

    - Expert witness in the field of administrative litigation
    (Conventions, public domain, expropriation, etc)

    - Expert witness in urbanism
    (Urban planning, land subdivisions, licences, ruins, etc)

    - Expert witness in the field of environment and landscape

    - Valuations for tax purposes
    (Local taxes, regional or state)

    - Financial analysis for property development